Friday, February 25, 2011

VFW Christmas Party

Oh how I love the Veterans of Foreign Wars! They are the sweetest people you will ever meet!! I was lucky enough to get invited to their Christmas Party and oh how it was so much fun. It was held at the Golden Coral and we had the chance to hear from some amazing young writers, Denise with Letters to Soldiers, we got to see awards given and also had a good time singing some Christmas songs but what I loved most about attending this Christmas party was the love and care these people have for one another. While I was there I had the chance to sit by Commander Edwards daughter who's husband just returned home from Iraq and will be deployed again within the next few months. While I was explaining my platform for Miss American Fork and also for Miss Utah she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "I didn't think people cared anymore, but you proved me wrong" She expressed to me that although it is hard for the soldiers to leave their families it is even harder for those loved ones that are left at home. It brought tears to my eyes as I heard the things that her family had been through the past couple of years and how people really are forgetting that freedom isn't free. Someone, somewhere is paying the price for my freedom along with yours. The least we can do is show them that we care, and show our support and love for this wonderful gift they are giving us.

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