Monday, October 25, 2010

American Fork Symphony

If you have never attended an American Fork Symphony, you need to!! They are phenomenal! We were lucky enough to be able to be introduced at the American Fork Symphony concert tonight. I have never heard such beautiful music, I was so impressed with all of the wonderful talents that I was able to see tonight and all of the hard work that everyone puts in to make those concerts so wonderful. Thank you so much for having us tonight it was out pleasure to be apart of your amazing concert.

Halloween 5K Fun Run!

On Saturday October 23 I got to judge some costumes at the Halloween 5K Fun Run!! It was so fun to see all of the creative costumes and be able to watch as little children to grandparents completed this 5K! It was also fun to spend time getting to know all of the great people who helped put the race together, the people of American Fork city truly are amazing people who are always willing to help each other out. Normally when I go to an appearance I wear my crown and sash so that people know who I am, not matter how hard I try to fit in I seem to always stick out like a sore thumb...unless it is Halloween! Then everyone assumes that being Miss American Fork is just your costume! I don't know if it's the blonde hair or my lack of common sense but it didn't occur to me that people would think that I would be Miss American Fork for Halloween! So after being at the race for a little less than 5 minutes I had person after person asking me if it was real. Overall it was very entertaining to see some of the reactions :)

Meet The Candidates Night!

Here is a little secret about me, ready? Well I have been avoiding singing The National Anthem all of my life. Not because I don't love our beautiful country but because for some reason that song terrifies me to sing! Well I finally overcame my fear when my dear friend Kraig Throne asked me to sing The National Anthem at the Meet The Candidates Night on October 19. It was great to become educated on what each of the candidates stood for and what they would do to better improve the state. Make sure you mark your calendars and vote on November 2nd! 

Friends Week At The American Fork Library!

I don't think there is a better place to make friends than the library! I was blessed to be a part of Friends Week at the Library on Monday October 18th I got to sit at a table and tell people about the program Friends of the Library! The American Fork Library has a group called the friends who meet together once a month and plan activities to help support and raise money for the library. When you sign up to be a friend of the library you agree to volunteer some of your time when they have activities and events. I was lucky enough to meet some of the friends of the library and I have never met happier people who honestly love to serve their community. One of my favorite things about being Miss American Fork is getting to meet such amazing people! If you are not already a friend of the library make sure to stop by and sign up!

Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen!

On October 1st and 2nd I had the opportunity to support two of my dearest friends Chloe Johnson and Tiffany Vincent in the Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen competition. It was so fun to watch these girls compete for the title of Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen and they both did a spectacular job, I am so proud of both of them! congratulations to Chloe Johnson for winning 2nd runner up, you deserve it and I'm so proud to call you my "little sister." Also congratulations to Tiffany Vincent for doing a pageant and putting yourself out there and being the amazing girl that you are, you truly shined like star and I hope you will consider doing another pageant. People think that pageants are easy, but let me be the first to tell you that they are anything but that. A lot of preparation goes into being in a pageant and you learn a lot about yourself , the woman that you are, and that woman that you want to become. I look up to any girl that has ever competed in a pageant  because although they may look like a beauty contest, it is far from that.