Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Veterans Memorial

Growing up I never realized how special the 11 of November was, until this year. I was really lucky to be able to attend the "Freedom is not Free" memorial for the Veterans at the Tabernacle last Thursday. What an amazing ceremony it was. We were lucky to hear from two students who spoke about the cost of freedom, and we were lucky to hear from Spencer Cannon who is such an incredible man and gave a phenomenal speech. After the speakers we got to hear from the American Fork Chamber Orchestra. I have always had a deep love for music, and the Orchestra brought tears to my eyes with each song they played. 
 After that they read the names of those in our city who lost their lives in service, so that we could live the glorious lives that we live every day, followed by a wreath hug in their honor. I have never felt so many mixed emotions than I felt while attending this amazing ceremony. I felt guilt for the lives lost in order for me to have the freedoms that I have today, I felt lucky that there were people out there who love me enough in order to serve their country, and I felt an excessive amount of sadness for those sons and daughters, wives and husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends, and mom's and dad's that have loved ones serving this wonderful country. To those men and women that are serving, who have served, or who are planning on serving, thank you for making this world a better place.....I don't know what we would do without you.

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